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DPF cleaning is one of the valued services provided by Avon Motors in Cradley Heath, and it’s something that not every garage does. If you own a diesel car and usually only do short, low speed journeys in and around town, you’ll almost certainly have a Diesel Particulate Filter that needs cleaning. We can help.

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Our Services

  • DPF cleaning
  • Inlet manifold cleaning
  • EGR valve cleaning
  • Petrol & diesel injection system cleaning
  • General diagnostics, servicing & repairs

What DPF Cleaning Is All About

The Diesel Particulate Filter on your diesel car or van plays an important part in reducing emissions from diesel cars. Often known as a ‘soot trap’, it’s this filter that captures and holds exhaust soot, preventing it from entering the environment. But like any car part, it has a finite life unless it receives proper care and attention. The build-up of soot is likely to be significant if you only ever make short or low speed journeys. And the results? A clogged filter reduces your engine performance, increases exhaust emissions and may even cause your car to stall completely or lose power.

Replacement of this filter is very expensive, but cleaning it can usually rectify the problem. If you have an orange advisory light on your dashboard, are experiencing problems or just know your DPF hasn’t been checked in a considerable amount of time, contact the team at Avon Motors. We can empty or burn off the trapped soot, giving your DPF a new lease of life.

Our Other Cleaning Services for Key Car Parts

We also offer inlet manifold cleaning, EGR valve cleaning and general petrol and diesel injection system cleaning to improve your car or van’s performance and keep it running more smoothly for longer. Why not book your vehicle in for free diagnostics testing and we’ll tell you plainly and simply what’s wrong and how much it will cost to fix? With many years’ experience in the trade, we’re here for all your automotive needs.

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"Absolutely first class service from Geoff and Chris sorting the Volvo out, will definitely be using you again."

Jayne P.

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