X4 Wheel Opti Flex

Searching for car garages in Cradley Heath that can check the alignment of the wheels on your 4×4? Avon Motors has the latest technology to test whether your wheels have been displaced from their optimum position and rectify any issues with precision. We offer a fast and efficient service.

X4 Wheel Opti Flex

Our Services

  • 4×4 wheel alignment
  • Latest technology used
  • Checks, tracking & balancing
  • Improves suspension and steering
  • Servicing and repairs

When Wheel Alignment Becomes an Issue

When all the vehicle’s tyres are correctly aligned, they rotate in unison and steering is smooth and easy. But your vehicle’s wheels come into constant contact with the road, and in a 4×4, that usually means dealing with adverse road – or off-road – conditions. Potholes, speed bumps, uneven surfaces and even minor accidents can cause tyres and wheels to become misaligned.

Proper wheel alignment is essential for safe driving. When wheels are misaligned, steering becomes more difficult and braking can be affected, all of which can increase the risk of accidents. Correct wheel alignment is also important in extending the life of your tyres. That’s because wheels that are out of kilter with each other results in uneven or premature tread wear, again compromising road safety – not to mention the expense of tyre replacement. Fuel consumption will also rise due to tyre drag from misaligned wheels.

When Should I Book A Wheel Alignment?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to timescales for having your wheels aligned. It all depends on the service schedule for the vehicle, as well as the frequency with which you use your car, where you drive and the distances you tend to travel. Being involved in an accident is also often another prompt for getting your wheels checked.

However, if you’re experiencing any vibration in your steering wheel, for instance, or your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, you should speak to the team at Avon Motors. We can carry out a wheel alignment check and then do the work to get your wheels back in sync if it’s needed. Call today to book an appointment for your car to be expertly checked.

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"Absolutely first class service from Geoff and Chris sorting the Volvo out, will definitely be using you again."

Jayne P.

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